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​We are proud to be a family owned, Christian-valued business. Our decisions are guided with our morals and principals firmly in place. We do not impress our beliefs onto others, but we use them as a reference point for all that we do. We treat our employees, customers, and vendors as our friends. We know there is no idealistic perfection here on earth, but we frequently evaluate our progress and work as a team to continuously improve. We work hard to ensure we make decisions that reflect our values. We work hard to provide a safe environment for everyone, including our employees and customers. Kids are always a welcome sight in our store.

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Our History - Lowell's Jewelry Store Since 1928

Sickinger's Jewelry traces its beginnings back to the early 1900's when, as a young man, Henry Sickinger set up his watchmakers bench in a corner of the local drug store in Wolcott, Indiana. After a short time he moved his watchmakers bench to the furniture store in Wolcott where he had sufficient space to do watch, clock, and jewelry repair.

In the spring of 1928, Henry purchased the Weakley & Dickison Jewelry Store in Lowell, Indiana from the estate of Mr. Dickison. By summer of 1928, Henry moved his family to Lowell and renamed the business Sickinger's Jewelry. Thus Henry and his wife Stella began our family owned business over 90 years ago.

Their son Donovan, ten years old at the time, grew up helping his parents run the family owned business. After finishing college and a three year tour of duty in the Army during WWII, Don joined his father full time. They worked together until the late 1950's when Henry's poor health forced him to retire. Don's wife, Mildred, joined him in managing the day to day operations of the store.

Don and Mildred's son James, like his father before him, grew up helping his parents run the family owned jewelry business. After graduating from college, Jim joined his father and mother full time. Don continued to work as a watchmaker until his health forced him to retire in the early 1980's. Mildred continued to work with her son Jim until the early 1990's when her health began to fail.

Today Jim, the third generation of Sickinger's, is co-owner of Sickinger's Jewelry with his wife Kathy. They are assisted by their trusted staff Donna, Wanda, Sherri, Dani, and oldest son, Jason.

We are proud of our 90+ year heritage of serving Lowell and South Lake County as a fourth generation family owned and operated full service jewelry store.  We specialize in hometown personal service for all your jewelry and jewelry repair needs.

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